Saturday, May 24, 2008

Steelers player Joey Porter says Patriots cheated, so Super Bowl victories should get asterisk*

All-pro linebacker for the Pittsburgh Steelers Joey Porter is speaking out. He says, "They [the Patriots] cheated, there should be an asterisk. They cheated and they got caught. Why, if you have nothing to hide, would you destroy [the evidence]? That's how I've looked at it from the beginning. Why destroy something that doesn't have to be destroyed? Let everyone know what was on the tapes. Why would you destroy them so fast? They went from zero to 60 overnight and [Belichick] went from a good coach to a great great coach and he got caught cheating."

Porter says that many other NFL players feel the same way. (More)

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Marie said...

Hey Porter!

Maybe if you caught the gift Drew Bledsoe put into your gut and stepped into the end zone for a touchdown, instead of DROPPING IT, your team might have won in 2002.

Or maybe it might have helped if someone, ANYONE, stops Troy Brown from returning that short punt for a touchdown???

How about a healthy Bettis??? Maybe a QB that throws more to his own teammates than to the Pats in the 4th quarter???

Oh, no, it MUST have all been the fault of the tapes.